Sawarna Sweet Cake


Sawarna Sweet Cake is sweet food made with banana which is picked from Indonesia’s nature. On the process of making, it produced by natural without using any preservatives. Result of production is Pisang Sale or Pisang Salai Nusantara, Dodol Pisang / Banana Dodol, Kripik Pisang / Banana Crackers, Sagon Pisang, Wajik Pisang, etc. To get the products of Sawarna Sweet Cake, you can contact WA 081296155550 with Mr. Ikhsan.

Beside enjoy products of banana from Sawarna, you can enjoy beautiful scenery in Sawarna Vilage. For example, beach, mountain, garden, and farm / agriculture. There’re some beautiful place that you must visit in Sawarna Village, White Sand Beach / Pantai Pasir Putih Sawarna for sunbathing, Ciantir Beach / Pantai Ciantir for surfing, Tanjung Layar Beach / Pantai Tanjung Layar for selfie, Legon Pary Beach / Pantai Legon Pary for swim with family, Karang Taraje Beach / Pantai Karang Taraje, Karang Bokor Beach, and Pulau Manuk Beach which is very lush with trees.

Beside beach you can also visit stalaktit caves, for example Goa Lalay, Goa Candi, Goa Siluman, Goa Handeuleum, Goa Langir, and many more. You can enter the caves with guidance from local guide whose Sawarna’s native.